Why Preschool Education is Important?


Ages between 0-6; the period before primary school is significant for a child. It is the period that most of the psyco-motor, social, emotional, intellectual and linguistic skills are developed. Characteristic of a child develops and changes many times during these ages.

When does learning start?

After finishing the infancy period, parents start to teach their child moral values, what is right or wrong in order to make the child a part of the society.  Education starts at family. Afterwards, kindergarten takes some of these responsibilities and maintain them with family collectively.

Learning period starts with birth and ages between 2-6, children learn very quick and easy. During this period, children grow emotionally while they are getting ready for school. Additionally, in this period children learn to be in a group, to share, to socialize and to work together.

As children grow and their linguistic skills develop, therefore spending time only with parent doesn’t satisfy them. In today’s world, children are more open to learn and more curious. Preschool education is highly significant for children to become an individua. Researches show that in preschool period children learn very quick and effective; creating suitable physical and psychological environment help children to grow up emotionally faster and more successful.

Second most important step for child development: preschool education

Preschool period consist of student, teacher and parents. Since it is the first time that child is separated from mother, healthier the relationship between child and teacher is, child feels happier and more comfortable. Children who feel comfortable start to socialize and learn.

First time in preschool is a period that both child and parents have worries. The transition will be easier for children when parents are comfortable. It is essential for parents to stay calm and trust the school. This period can be named as transition period; since this is the first time children stays away from home without a family member at their side. This period constitute significance for child’s psychological development, therefore both school and parents have great responsibilities. Parents should stay supportive and encouraging. After getting used to school, learning period would start. Children activities would be also faster at this period.

To conclude, it is proven that skills gained between 0-6 is highly important for character development and learning abilities. To uncover these skills and improve learning, preschool education is essential.

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