What is Yoga? – Yoga for Children?

Yoga means unification. It is integrity of mind, body and soul. Since it is difficult to work on mind, yoga aims to relax mind with breathing exercises.

It is a common opinion that babies born already able to sit upright, use diaphragm breath, do many yoga poses like sneak, dog, child but forget how to do them while growing up because of the external factors.

Babies can start practicing yoga with their mother at early ages. By this way, mothers can move their body gently with a group that can share their post-labour period and have a pleasant communication with their baby.

Children who are 3 years old can practice yoga with a group. Yoga consist of breathing and relaxation exercises and techniques that called asana. Some moves calms, other gives energy.

Benefits of yoga for children:

Children yoga creates breath awareness, has positive effect on balance, coordination, focus and physical systems, helps sleeping, increases self-confidence and energy and relaxes.

Puberty is a period that emotions are very intense, they cannot destroy those feelings but they can learn to control and orient them. Yoga gives young people some tools to cope with problems. Besides breathing, relaxing and meditations techniques, yogis practice awareness exercises called “mindfulness”. Those are practices that creates awareness on mind and its way of working, difference of thoughts and feelings, feelings at the body, letting those feeling exist and then letting them go with breathing exercises.

When yogis combine moves called asana with breath, mind starts to slow down and meditation starts. Yoga also increases performance on the other sport branches as well by correcting posture training the muscles.

Yoga has a nice philosophy about things that wanted to be done and not to be done. Young people learn things like showing compression to themselves and others, being honest with themselves and others, not stealing from themselves and others, being happy with what they got, being naïve with thoughts and expressions, being thankful on the mat and adapt those concepts into their lives.  Young people who are surrounded with competition whole time, start to relax and discover themselves by yoga in an environment that there is no competition.

Yoga teaches children and young people “Being not the best but themselves.”

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