What Is The Importance Of A Healthy Lunch Box?

School age is the time when children adopt habits that will last a life time. Therefore, it is extremely important to make your child gain the habit of a healthy diet. It protects physical heath of your child, keep them motivated and concentrated for their classes. Parents can improve eating habits of their children by preparing lunchboxes with the right ingredients every day.

What is the importance of a well-balanced diet for education?

Our brain consumes energy to process the data we receive each day. A healthy breakfast is the essential element, since after the long hours of hunger from the night, breakfast sustains the needed energy to the brain. Studies show that children who skip the breakfast have less concentration, less learning ability at school and lower grades most of the time. Clean foods also creates the feeling of fullness for hours without disturbing the body, stabilizes blood sugar.

What should be in your child’s lunchbox?

Daily lunchbox for school should consist of food with high nutritional value, but easy to carry with at the same time. It should contain 4 primary food groups; Carbs, veggies, protein and milk group. Whole wheat bread, eggs, fruits and jams at the breakfast sustain the energy to children that they need in school throughout the day. For the lunchbox, sandwiches prepared with whole wheat bread, proteins like chicken or meat, fresh veggies and yogurt/milk at its side would be a healthy and filling lunchbox menu. It would also be a delicious and easy-to-eat choice for children. For the snacks, raw hazelnut and almond with home-cooked cinnamon cake would balance the blood sugar.

Importance of milk products

Calcium is crucial for children at budding ages especially for their bones and teeth. Milk and milk products contain high amount of calcium, protein and vitamin A. 2 glasses of milk or milk products should be consumed by children every day.

Consuming packed foods

It is highly important that children do not consume packed foods like sodas, biscuits, coke, chips, French fire. They increase blood sugar instantly for a short period and reduce it afterwards, creates causes the feeling of fullness to last for a very short time. They also have very poor level of nutrition. The instability of blood sugar causes stress, lower concentration and learning abilities at school. You can prevent your child to consume these foods at school by adding healthy snacks to their lunchbox.

Physical activity routine

Studies show that child obesity has tripled since 1970s in United States. According to data, 1 in 5 school age children and young people has obesity. The reason behind obesity can be metabolism, but it is important to remember that eating and physical activity habits are determinative factors as well.

Weekly sport education in their school is not enough for children at developing ages. Unfortunately, in 21. Century, because of all the electronic entertainments that we provide to them; tablets, video games, phones, they are less likely to go out and play.

Additional to clean eating, you can motivate your child to be more physically active. For this purpose, you can organize playing hours with their favorite classmates at park. You can also find a sport that is suitable to their physical skills and that they would be interested, and do sport practice with them after the courses.

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