What is Homework, What is Not?

Homework is a part of school education which some teachers love, all of the students want to avoid and parents are hesitant about. Some teachers argue that homework is helpful for students especially in primary school in order to support the ability to learn alone, to repeat what they learned in school and prepare for the next class. Because while listening class is a passive activity, students become active when doing homework. However, another group of teachers are against homework since they argue is causes students to get exhausted, effects family life badly and occupy the time that students need for social and extracurricular activities.

Parents are also confused about homework. In the system where no homework is given, parents cannot keep track of what student has learned in school and feel anxious about it. However, when too much homework is given, parents are put into the role “controller of homework”, which might affect the relationship between parent and child negatively. Since most of the children try to avoid doing homework, parents should keep reminding them at home consistently and maybe even check afterwards if it is done appropriately.

Especially, for children who suffer from hyperactivity and lack of concentration, completing homework means extended study hours at home. This might increase the tension at home and lower child’s self-esteem about learning and success. Since when the parents are repeating that the work needs to be done, child suffer from lack of concentration without any teacher and well-planned route of subjects.

Moreover, if homework is done properly but not controlled by teacher the next day, child would think that it was a waste of effort and it would harm the study discipline. They might not put same effort next time.

How homework should be?

If the aim is to teach the ability to study alone, then the form and the time that homework will take must be well-planned. Homework that cannot be done alone by student is not appropriate and doesn’t serve to its aim. If student needs to do research for hours, due to lack of information, or can’t understand/complete questions without parents, this shows that the homework is not suitable for the student. However, the case might differ in older ages since the aim is to develop research skills, ability to think creatively and prepare students for university in high-school level.

School should build the system correctly and maintain the triangle of teacher, parent and student well-balanced. The policies should be prepared regarding upcoming years and extracurricular activities that school offer.

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