Things that you should pay attention when choosing a baby-sitter for your child!

One of the most important needs of today’s parents is someone to help them with childcare while they’re at work. Also the biggest worry is to find someone who will take care of their children as much as they do, fulfil their needs, give them love but also stay loyal to house rules when parents are gone.

Qualifications that a baby-sitter needs to have

The one that helps parents are sometimes a professional or sometimes someone from the family. But, whoever is helping, there are some points that parents need to be careful at. First of them is the communication of caregiver with the baby. He/she needs to be able to understand baby’s needs, discomforts and requests, have a warm and loving attitude, be someone that baby happily spends time with. Another important issue is that he/she applies parents’ rules when they are not around. When deciding on getting help from someone, there are certain questions that parents needs to answer about this person;

  • Is he/she responsible?
  • Is he/she informed enough about child care?
  • Is he/she trustworthy?
  • Is he/she patient?
  • Is his/her communication skills are good, is he/she is good-humoured and loving?
  • Is he/she going to be able to sustain childcare for a long time?

How to get used to the nanny?

When this person is from family it is easier to get used to, however, when he/she is someone new it can take longer depending on the characters. Children need time to get used to their new caregiver and spend time apart from the parents. Before leaving the child with the new caregiver alone whole day, child needs to spend time with them while parents are still around. The time that child spends alone with the new caregiver should be increased gradually. This adjustment period is highly important especially the person is new to them, because children decide if they can trust a stranger depending on the reaction of their parents’ attitude towards them.

Is everything ok with the new nanny?

Parents worry about if everything is ok when they’re gone, and there are certain ways to catch some clues.

  • If child is afraid of the nanny or feel irritated around him/her.
  • If child is too silent or worried, more than usual.
  • If nanny doesn’t give much detail about the day and looks like hiding something.
  • If nanny doesn’t follow parents’ rules
  • If nanny comes always late
  • If child is constantly tired or hungry, something is probably wrong and needs to be controlled.
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