Emotional Development

Emotional Development for Babies

Basis of emotional development is being able to understand own emotions, control and interpret them correctly, learn to express them correctly, understand other’s emotions and respond them appropriately. Emotional development is critical for children to build healthy relationships, know themselves and become healthy individuals. Every children’s character and way of interpret surroundings are different, therefore their response to stimulants and emotions they feel would be different as well. The important thing is every child to understand both their own and someone else’s feelings and respond them appropriately. Emotional development also depends on social norms, behaviour of family members and social […]

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Social and Emotional Development of Children before School

Effect of behaviours Developments is a term that represents one’s progress during an entire life. Children experience changes physically, mentally, emotionally and socially since the moment they are born in order to fit in the environment. Progress in every field is connected to each other and important for school period. Pre-school period can be thought as a period child develops very fast. Researches show that behaviours children get used to at these ages shape believes, habits, attitudes and values in adult life. Education at this period helps children to develop their feelings, senses and social skills. Advantages of pre-school emotional […]

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