Spending Quality Time with Children

In recent years, studies have discovered that the quality of time spend with children is as important as the amount of time. There are different insight on how these ‘quality times’ should be created. When both parents work, spending enough time with children becomes a quite important issue. However, it is not necessary parents to worry about that topic, since it is possible to do more activities in a shorter, better quality time than a long empty day. As in all human relationships, it is quite important to spend the time with open communication and emotional interaction in child – […]

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Is My Child Ready for School?

Parents’ primary concern is always making the best decisions for their children starting by birth. It is generally accepted that children who don’t have troubles in the first few years, cope with academic life easier. Until primary school, development stages are generally based on basic skills and abilities. However, primary school is the beginning of an era which is sustained by those skills. Children’s perception of themselves as successful or not is about starting primary school when they are ready. Factors like intelligence level, social and emotional development and parents’ attitude affect maturity for primary school. When deciding on starting […]

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What is Emotion Regulation for Children?

The ability to control and organize emotions doesn’t mean elimination of negative emotions or turning them into a positive emotion. Emotion regulation can be in a positive or negative direction, but it means keeping sentimental dynamics at an optimum level and being able to respond circumstances with harmony. If we define it with more details, we can understand that the ability to organize emotions is quite complicated actually. It means, realizing emotions, understanding and accepting them. It also requires the ability to control own behaviours, accepting negative emotions when working for a purpose or adjusting emotional reaction according to the […]

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