child development

Cognitive Development for Children

In our previous blogs, we explained differences of each month in the first year of a new born baby. The reason for that is that the progress is much faster in the first year, and the difference can be seen every month. However, when babies grow up, stages of their cognitive development is much longer compare to the first year. There are cognitive development stages for children between 1-6 years old; 13th – 15th Months; Language development gets faster and ability to understand increases. Starts to make more meaningful noises Knows names of animals and people, can point people or […]

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The Concept of Death in Children and Mourning Process

Death is actually a frightening concept that everyone avoids talking about and doesn’t want to think about too much. It will be difficult for the child who grew up in an environment with such an approach to fully understand the concept of death, to understand what death means, what happened to the person who died, and to accept it when he encounters the event of death. The child will deny death. The death of one of the relatives of a child, especially one of the parents, is not just the loss of someone who meets their daily needs for the […]

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Social and Emotional Development of Children before School

Effect of behaviours Developments is a term that represents one’s progress during an entire life. Children experience changes physically, mentally, emotionally and socially since the moment they are born in order to fit in the environment. Progress in every field is connected to each other and important for school period. Pre-school period can be thought as a period child develops very fast. Researches show that behaviours children get used to at these ages shape believes, habits, attitudes and values in adult life. Education at this period helps children to develop their feelings, senses and social skills. Advantages of pre-school emotional […]

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