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What is Touch Sensitivity in Children?

Tactile Sensitivity is often reported in children or adults with autism. Children and adults with tactile sensitivity may show the following sensory processing symptoms. They don’t want to wear shoes or strain. Avoiding dry tissue such as finger paint, glue (glue, uhu) play dough and sometimes sand. Unrest in food tissues, including avoiding mixed tissues (eg lasagna, fruit yogurt). They do not like to hug or kiss, they can erase kisses. Difficulty in brushing teeth. Difficulties in haircuts and hair combing. Difficult to cut fingernails and hands. They do not like the feelings of clothing labels. What Causes Tactile Advocacy? […]

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What Type of Intelligence Does Your Child Have?

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence The dominance of verbal intelligence in children means that their speaking and writing skills are strong. Children with the verbal intelligence type can effectively convey their thoughts and feelings orally and in writing. They enjoy reading books, telling stories and talking. Vocabulary is high and they have a strong memory. They listen to what is spoken, interpret, remember and express it in a different way. They have the ability to learn different languages. The most effective way of learning for them is to listen. Numerical-Logical Intelligence Children, numerical intelligence is the ability to think through deductive techniques, solve […]

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Reason for Escaping from School: Bullying

When schools are starting, some children might insist on not going to school. When explanations like worries about lectures, fear of being separated from home or difficult relationship with teachers are not enough or correct, bullying is the first thing that should come to your mind. Especially small children might not understand bullying and can’t tell it to their parents since their cause-result relationship is limited. Therefore, parents should examine peer relationships at school if they observe any of following behaviours; not wanting to attend to school or school activities, too many physical excuses (headache, feeling sick etc.) stubbornness before […]

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