Spending Quality Time with Children

In recent years, studies have discovered that the quality of time spend with children is as important as the amount of time. There are different insight on how these ‘quality times’ should be created.

When both parents work, spending enough time with children becomes a quite important issue. However, it is not necessary parents to worry about that topic, since it is possible to do more activities in a shorter, better quality time than a long empty day.

As in all human relationships, it is quite important to spend the time with open communication and emotional interaction in child – parent relationship as well. Children needs parents to be involved actively. It is necessary that the time spend together should be about listening children and understanding their angers, sadness, happiness, hopes and worries. Children feel the need to share their excitements with mother and father, and their support about every decision. When time spend with children involves these conversations and interactions, then it can be possible to call it quality time. However, if parents can’t maintain to spend enough time, caregiver of child can build these interactions as well.

Importance of Having Quality Time: Getting to Know

Knowing your children character, needs and skills is very important for spending quality time. When you become parents, you should have many skills and have precision on many topics. Children are in continuous change and development, you can observe your child change every month, every week, and every day. Every stage of these changes needs a different approach. If you observe closely and read, research, consider about these periods, you can have a clear vision about the appropriate approach.

Play with your Child

Children and games cannot be thought separately. Children get to know world by games, experience coping difficulties through games and discover what they like / dislike with games. Toys, objects, people, situations, nature, constructions, pets and roads can be playing and learning instruments for them. Therefore it is important parents to be involved in their world and become a part of the game. Games are a great opportunity for parents to get to know their child’s skills and character. It is essential to leave the children free during the game and giving the opportunity to express themselves openly.

Playing games might be not easy for every parent. Some people have familiarity to it, and some people don’t. Therefore, it is helpful for you to separate the games that you like and don’t. Couple can share activities based on their skills, one parent can draw pictures with the child and other can play sport games together.

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