Sibling Jealousy

Sibling relationship as a very important form of social development that supports children through their whole life. Parents are generally worried due to lack of information and experience when they raise their first children. They get stuck between information transmitted from their parents, books and friends who have children. Constant control and desire to be a good parent can create a depended relationship. It can also be observed that parent’s expectation on child is high. In further times, parents might think having a second baby and experience different emotions during this time.

  • Raising a second children is an important responsibility physically, mentally and financially.
  • First child’s wish for a sibling shouldn’t be the only motivation and reason, parents also should be ready and willing for it.
  • Sibling relationship should be thought as an opportunity for both sides to grow and develop. They will have experience about daily life struggles and how to create solutions about them.

Parents’ role on singling jealousy

It is generally observed that older sibling gets jealous of little sibling, in some cases little sibling can feel the same way as well. Parents’ expectation about this situation is older sibling to accept little one and not get jealous. However, it should be remembered that jealousy is a normal and healthy emotion and shaped by the behaviours of parents. Over protected little sibling causes the competition to increase and would turn little sibling also a target for the older one. However, when you behave in a way showing that you understand them, it would lower the tension. Asking their opinions when deciding on what’s right and wrong leads them to take more responsibilities.

  • The less the age difference between the siblings is, the competition will be stronger. Also competition between siblings have same sex is higher.
  • Maintaining jealousy and anger crisis poorly causes children trust parents less and feel insecure about their love.
  • Parents generally ask older sibling help for caring little ones. As long as it is not assigned as a duty, it would be a fun activity and will make them closer.
  • Complains about physical pains (like stomach ache) or wanting to hear that they are loved are also very common. They are excuses to keep attention on themselves. They should be listened, and comforted by explaining them how much they are loved.
  • It can also be observed that they cannot express the jealousy they feel and try to act like a baby in order to get attention. It shouldn’t be forgotten that caring and fair attitude, clear expression of love would calm them.
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