Preschool in Coral Springs

Preschool in Coral Springs

Tips for choosing the perfect preschool for your child

Our Preschool Program

Nothing is more precious to you than your children and choosing a preschool program for them is one of the most important things you will ever do. A child’s early experiences will have a direct impact on his or her social, academic and emotional growth. ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs offers superior preschool programs for children ranging from 12 months to five years old. If you are looking for a top-notch preschool program for your child, we suggest you consider the following criteria:

Reputation: Is the preschool well-regarded within your community? Ask for references. A reputable center will gladly share references and encourage you to check them out. ABC Learning Center’s preschool in Coral Springs is an Apple Accredited and Gold Seal Quality Care preschool and we actively participate in the C-Quell (Community for Quality Early Learning and Literacy) program.

High-quality Staff: Are the staff members educated and well-versed in early childhood development?. Do they display a sense of enthusiasm, competence and compassion? The teachers at ABC Learning Center are fully-credentialed CDA and above and they continue their education on a regular basis. They foster an environment that makes learning engaging and fun for children.

Safety: What are the preschool’s policies regarding who can drop off and pick up your children? Are the staff members trained in first aid? ABC Learning Center has strict security policies to protect your child. We have a full video surveillance TV system so that classrooms are constantly monitored. All staff members are required to maintain CPR and first-aid certificates.

Cleanliness: Is the facility clean and well-organized? The physical condition of a preschool facility can be a strong indicator quality. Be sure to have a look at food preparation areas and the restrooms. At ABC Learning Center we adhere to strict standards of cleanliness that provide a healthy environment for our students and staff members.

Nutrition: If meals are served, are they kid-friendly and healthy? ABC Learning Center provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack. We will gladly accommodate any special dietary needs that your child might have.

Atmosphere: Does the environment provide creative and fun activities that encourage your child’s personal growth? A happy, well-adjusted child is more likely to succeed in preschool and beyond. ABC Learning Center has five classrooms as well as a computer lab, library and resource center. The playground features a butterfly garden as well as a fruit, vegetable and herb garden.