Day Care

High quality day care sets the stage for future success

Every year millions of parents enroll their children in day care. Some parents are hesitant about day care and mothers (or fathers) may quit their jobs or work from home to avoid sending their children to a program each day. But is that the right decision? Studies show that young children who spend time in quality daycare programs are more likely to succeed socially and academically when they reach high school. Research conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health confirmed the benefits children derive from quality daycare programs. Some of the advantages include:

Social Skills: Children who attend day care tend to have better social skills than those who don’t. Day care gives children the chance to interact with other kids who are the same age. They have the opportunity to play and negotiate with other children every day. This is especially important for children who have no siblings. Day care facilities like our ABC Learning Center in Coral Springs offer diverse opportunities for children to develop socially.

Vocabulary: The NIH study found that children who attended high-quality day care programs performed better on vocabulary tests in the fifth grade the those who did not attend day care. Competence in vocabulary tends to boost a child’s self-esteem, making him or her more likely to succeed at other subjects. The Coral Springs ABC Learning Center provides age-appropriate vocabulary activities that encourage word play.

Study Habits: Day care features cognitive stimulation and some degree of exposure to academic concepts. Children learn about letters, numbers, colors and words. They also participate in music and art projects that enhance their creativity. Children who attend quality day care develop healthy learning habits that can last a lifetime. ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs specializes in day care learning experiences that are engaging and fun.

Confidence: Children who spend their formative years in a day care program are less likely to be intimidated by the prospect of attending “regular” kindergarten or school. This results in a smoother transition to the formal academic environment.

If you are trying to decide if a day care program is the right choice for your child, we encourage you to visit our Coral Springs facility. Explore our state-of-the art classrooms and observe the cheerful environment fostered by our caring, competent staff. Consider enrolling your child in Coral Springs ABC Learning Center and set the stage for a lifetime of social and academic achievement.