Is My Child Ready for School?

Parents’ primary concern is always making the best decisions for their children starting by birth. It is generally accepted that children who don’t have troubles in the first few years, cope with academic life easier. Until primary school, development stages are generally based on basic skills and abilities. However, primary school is the beginning of an era which is sustained by those skills. Children’s perception of themselves as successful or not is about starting primary school when they are ready. Factors like intelligence level, social and emotional development and parents’ attitude affect maturity for primary school. When deciding on starting time, child’s age shouldn’t be the only factor. Reading many stories and talking about them during pre-school ages would develop child’s linguistic skills.

Before starting the primary school;

  • Children should have self-care skills. Being able to eat without help, keep themselves clean are basic skills that they should have.
  • Being able to draw shapes with pen, colouring, use scissors, tying up shoes are basic motor skills that children needs to have until they start to primary school. They should be able to participate group activities fully and without any problems.
  • Following given rules and instructions, being in harmony with the group in group games, waiting their own turn and being patient during waiting are results of emotional maturity. Children need to be mature enough to fit in the social atmosphere at primary school.
  • Linguistic skills and understanding of concepts needs to be at the appropriate level for their age. They should be able to speak properly, understand basic concepts such as colour, numbers, tall, short, good and bad.

If there are any problems with one or many of those skills, it is recommended to repeat the preparation year. For those cases, it would be helpful to consult an expert. It is recommended child to be evaluated by an expert and traced by a special designed education programme.

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