Importance of Sport for Children

Sport has a great impact on children’s physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development. One of the crucial problems of our society; lack of physical activity, creates diseases like obesity, diabetes and lack of concentration. Children who spend lots of time in front of TV and tablets, doesn’t have a regular sport activity and prefer to wander in malls become candidates for chronic diseases in older ages.

Children who have a regular sport activity have different qualifications than their peers. Children who practice an individual or group sport activity, continue it at the older ages.

Sport brings a disciplined life with

A child who does sport and works with a team knows her/his value. They are individuals with high self-esteem, conscious and aware of their responsibilities. These children gain the ability to define a goal and strive to achieve it due to sport. A child works with a team learns to act according to a group, to follow the rules and tin and to lose.

Healthy body keeps diseases away

Sport strengths the muscles and joints, helps hearth and liver to work better. It also has a positive impact on digest system to work better. Therefore the risk for diseases which will be seen at older ages such as hearth problems, high blood pressure, intestine problems would be decreased.

It supports emotional and physical balance

Children who practice a sport activity socialize and improve their skills to work as a team. They gain the ability to find quick and practical solutions to problems.

Children who do sports also have quick reflexes and high level of concentration. This qualification improves their cognitional developments. They are less stressed and worried, depression is observed seldom.

Which sport activity for which age?

Activities for 2-3 years olds:

They need to spend lots of time at fresh air. They can do game-like activities such as running, jumping, catching at parks.

Activities for 4 years olds:

It is ideal age to start activities like gymnastic, dance and swimming. Muscles and posture are shaped stronger with these sports.

Activities for 5-7 years olds:

Individual activities are suitable for these ages. Since duration of concentration and ability to follow objects are improved, jumping rope, gymnastic, riding a bike are suitable for children at these ages.

Activities for 8-10 years olds:

The ability to practice complex activities is improved. Since the ability to follow the rules and a group has started, tennis, swimming, basketball, football, surfing are ideal.

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