How to Prepare Our Children for Life?

It is important for parents to prepare their children for “real life”, since once they become adults and abandon the safety and protection of childhood, they have to be stronger and able to think solution oriented. For that, instead of reading them stories like “Little Match Girl”, where a poor little girl dies freezing with hopes and dreams, we should tell those stories of powerful characters. You can also read classic tales and ask questions like “What could the little match girl do in order to overcome the situation?” This would direct them to try to solve problems and think possible opportunities.

Many of the adults explore what they really want to do in their 30s. Some of them have the courage and ambition to change their life. However, most of them continue their life unhappy and unsatisfied with their jobs. The interesting thing is, some of these adults destroy their children’s dreams as well when they try to actualize their own dreams through their children.

In that case, the best thing that adults can do for their children is making them know themselves, putting goals for them, supporting them in order to develop their skills like time management, team work, creativity.

Importance of reading

Reading is very helpful for child development. Reading can be done in sessions and controlled by a parent afterwards. This “control” should be a discussion about what child understood from the story, what lessons can be taken out, what could have been done if he /she was the main character.

Education starts at family; children who start to learn at the home adjust school easily. If you want your children to love reading, read them loud and create games about the characters in the books. You can use paper figures; children love to see visuals. As long as you spend time with them, answer their questions mindfully, make up stories, their ability to understand at school will increase. Your non-verbal language is very important as well; voice tone, mimics and gestures tell a lot to your child, since they perceive them as a whole with the context. Not only the words you say, but how you say them is equally important.

We have to take today’s children, tomorrow’s adults serious in order to prepare them for life. With conscious parents, it is possible to shape their future with activities they love. Your children will start to know themselves with activities suitable to their interests and quality time with you.

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