How to Give Pre-School Education?

Ages between 0-6 are important years since children are very open to learn. Children start to know themselves and surroundings, discover and develop skills during these years. These are also years that children encounter moral and social rules for the first time. Characteristics developed during these years affect individual’s perspectives, form of believes and behaviors in the oncoming years. Therefore, these years bring significant responsibilities to parents.

In today’s world, pre-school education that is given at home needs to be supported by education institutions. Kindergartens aim to develop children’s skills multidirectional and adjust them to be in a social environment for whole day. It is expected for children to feel shy and worried for the first few days, however, parents and school should overcome these worries in collaboration. These institutions also prepare children for their next academic step. Studies show that children who attended to kindergarten adjust to primary school more easily and are more successful.

Things to pay attention for pre-school education:

  • Paying attention to that both family and child is involved.
  • Encouraging child to build healthy relationship with adults and other kids.
  • Motivating child to adopt values such as love, kindness, sharing, tolerance and cooperation
  • Building group rules together
  • Aiming to develop self-control
  • Considering child’s needs and adopting the schedule according to them.
  • Building self-confidence and self-respect
  • Understanding that games are the best medium to learn for children
  • Starting by the thing that child knows for education and allowing them to learn by experimenting
  • Paying attention to children to speak English clear and proper
  • Creating a democratic environment for education.

Preschool education is what modern societies demand for raising self-confident, creative, independent individuals. Individuals who can create solutions, respectful to self and other people’s rights, increase their potentials, curious, able to express themselves can be raised by proper education given by institutions and family. Certainly the values that are thought at school should be established at home as well. Therefore, it is highly important that school and families work together and in harmony.

Values that should be given during pre-school education:

  • Self-confidence: Child feels the ability to complete a task
  • Motivation: Being willing to do
  • Effort: Children should be willing to put effort to do something
  • Responsibility: Understanding a task and its requirements, fulfilling them.
  • İnitiative: Children who have self-confidence can take initiative and make their own decisions.
  • Patience: Patience to complete a task
  • Group work: Being able to cooperate with others
  • Problem solving: Understanding the situation fully and being able to find solutions.
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