Does Dream of A Bright Future Turn Into Pressure?

Every parent naturally wish their children to have a “bright future” when they plan their career. This is something very natural to desire. However, the meaning of the concept “bright future” depends on person and involves ambiguity. For many parents, the future that they plan for their children consist of the dreams of what they have planned for themselves and failed to achieve. Even though it is a natural feeling, it can turn into an imposition by ignoring the child’s characteristics. Therefore, “building a great future” for their children might turn into an extension of parents’ ambitions. The line between proposing children goals and imposing them is thinner then we think.

Dreams should match society norms

It is also important to remember that the concept of “bright future” takes shape according to needs of the society and time. We have to acknowledge the fact that the goals that we take as “appropriate professions” are not chosen completely by us and shaped by the values according to trends of the time that we live in.

It can also be said that some products in popular culture trigger some tendencies and make some professions more popular. Choosing a profession means choosing a life. It is known that many parents direct their children to law, medicine or engineering if they are hardworking and have good grades. Even those professions which promise good income and social status means choosing a specific lifestyle as well.

A child’s mental abilities, skills, characteristics might not always match with the requirements of demanded professions in the society and the goals that parents direct him/her. We can understand the importance of choosing a career according to one’s skills and characteristics if we acknowledge that every child as an individual.

Accurate profession, happy individual

It is known that many individual are unhappy since they got an education in popular professions but their career is not suitable to their characters. Professions does not only shape one career, but the life itself well. In order not to raise unsatisfied and unhappy individuals, parents should pay attention to their children’s interests, skills and dreams and direct them according to these substances.

Surely income is important. However, if the professions does not promise a life that will make individual happy, the income is not the priority. On the other side, individuals who achieved to match their skills and career choices have highly good chance to have a satisfying level of income.

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