Leading Child Care in Coral Springs

Are you seeking out the very best early childcare in Coral Springs? If so you are already one step ahead of the game. Perhaps you know kids that attend day care and preschool rank better academically all throughout life. High quality childcare teaches children so many valuable skills including:

  • Vocabulary & Literacy
  • Recognition of numbers, colors, shapes, etc.
  • Socialization and communication
  • Study habits

Having knowledge and experience in all of these areas helps prepare a child for future educational success. These skills build up overall confidence by making children feel academically and socially competent.

The Benefits of Early Child Care

You may want to spend every last moment with your child, but work and other life obligations often get in the way. Instead of an inconvenience, think of it as a blessing. After all, sending your child off to childcare has long-lasting benefits. According to the National Education Association, one of the best investments you can make is in early childhood education. Research proves time and time again that young children are like sponges, absorbing everything they learn.

Young children that attend childcare, including daycare and preschool are better prepared for elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond. Plus, children that attend early education programs have a reduced risk for committing crimes, teen pregnancies, and dropping out of high school.

What Makes A Great Child Care Program?

As a parent you want to give your child the best advantages possible in order for them to have a good life, now and into the future. But not all childcare programs are created equally. There are different types of childcare available, it’s important to look for a few key factors before picking the best option for your child.

Indicators of Great Child Care Center Include:

  • Credentialed teachers that promote learning through innovative, fun activities.
  • Staff is up to date on current first-aid and CPR training.
  • Plenty of fun and educational classroom materials to stimulate learning and creativity.
  • Safe, clean and comforting environment with adequate supervision.
  • Same age peers to learn and grow beside.
  • Kid-friendly, healthy food options.

Your child is your whole world; therefore it’s only normal to be nervous about finding a childcare center that offers everything your little one needs to be happy, healthy, safe, and continually learning. Rest assured, at ABC Learning your child will be under the best care and supervision.

Ask About Our VPK Program

Worried about being able to afford quality childcare? At ABC Learning want all children to receive a great early education, which is why we proudly participate in the Free Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Program through the state of Florida.  Learn more about VPK here.

Enroll Your Child at ABC Learning Center

We provide the highest quality childcare in the state of Florida to children between the ages of 12-months and 5-years. Utilizing fun games, activities, and educational resources we stimulate your child’s mental, physical and social developmental in ways that deliver benefits all throughout life. Plus, credentialed staff and high-tech surveillance carefully monitor classrooms so that your child does not go unseen for even one moment. (Read more about us)

Allow us the opportunity to meet you and your little one! Come take a tour of our campus to help you decide if ABC Learning is the best childcare option for your flourishing prodigy. Contact us today for more information (954) 344-5104.