About Us

Dear Families,

I would like to give you a warm welcome to ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs.

My name is Zeynep Elgin, and I am the Owner of ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, in addition Associate’s and Master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education. After more than ten years of work experience, it is very exciting to be with ABC Learning Center’s valuable children, parents and educators.

Together with a strong team of educators, our goal is to built a place where children are respected, valued, given the opportunity to discover and are the center of this school. Bringing together students from different cultures under one roof, our aim is to teach our children respect for diversity and tolerance. Our brand set out to educate our students to be respectful of themselves, the environment and different cultures.

ABC Learning Center ensures that our children feel safe and happy and are free to explore and acquire new knowledge in our classrooms equipped with age appropriate materials. Our school premises have been certified and comply with building inspection regulations, providing a safe environment for our children. We pay particular attention to nutrition, cleanliness and safety.

As ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs, our steadfast belief is in our ability to open a new window onto early childhood and preschool education with our child-focused management and dynamic staff.

I hope we will start a wonderful school year altogether with our team, valuable children and parents.

Warm Regards,

Zeynep ELGIN
Owner of ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs

Curriculum: The Balanced Acquisition System (BAS) ensures our children’s natural acquisition of language; as well as supporting with the inquisitional philosophy of cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and creative development. At ABC Learning Center of Coral Springs we combine our knowledge from the academic field with our experience in the practical field and our aim is to convey this knowledge to our children’s lives.

When creating the Balanced Acquisition System, the aim was to create an interdisciplinary curriculum that was meaningful, challenging and interesting for our students.


ABC Students are:
Positive in their outlook on life and happy.
Raised in an international environment to be global citizens.
Social and confident.
Excited to learn.
Creative and productive.
Unique and free.
Analytical thinkers, and have developed problem-solving skills.
Inquisitive, questioning, examining and have a greater sense of awareness.
Sharing, respectful and willing to help.
Live in and value nature.

ABC Teachers are Perfect! Because they:
Understand how precious our children are to their families.
Respect, value and love children.
Understand that each child is unique.
Anticipate a potential problem and find a solution.
Build empathy, and have effective communication skills.
Are equipped, follow the agenda and translate this to the classroom.
Are accommodating, and work efficiently as part of a team.
Believe that learning is a lifelong process.
Are enthusiastic about their work.
Are curious, creative, disciplined and productive.

Our Partners are ABC Parents:
The connection we establish with our parents is very important to us in being able to follow and support our children’s development. With this invaluable support, you our valued parents, ensure we are able to provide the maximum benefit to our children from our educational environment.