7 Traits Of A Great Parent

Traits of a great parentMost parents don’t take any classes or ‘intern’ with any professional parents before bringing home a baby from the hospital. With the first cry your child lets loose, it is all on you to figure it out, to shelter, protect, nurture and love.

Being a parent is a joyous experience, full of many ups and downs. No matter who you are, or how great of a parent you are, there are always going to be days that end in defeat. Sometimes even forcing you to question if you’re cut out for parenting at all. Don’t beat yourself up; even the most fantastic parents have a fair share of bad days. When it comes to parenting, no one is perfect. And you don’t have to be perfect to be the best parent you can be.

Here are 7 traits of a great parent anyone can employ!

1. Great Parents Never Forget Their Child Is Watching

Just as you are constantly keeping an eye on your child, your child is also watching you. The way that you handle negative situations, deal with authority figures, and problem solve are all influencing the way that your child learns to act. Research proves that the brain struggles to understand when someone says one thing but does another. The brain is more likely to follow what it sees as opposed it what it hears. Meaning you can tell your child over and over not to eat cake before bed, or not to say rude things to relatives, but if your own actions counteract these verbal instructions your child is not going to listen.

2. Great Parents Are Interested And Fully Engaged

Let your child know how much you care by being very involved in their everyday life. Ask them about their day, show interest in what they care about, and simply be there for them both mentally and physically. When it comes time for those big important milestones, like a championship soccer game, make sure to be there and show your support as often as possible. When your child sees that you care about their schoolwork, social life, and recreational interests they feel special and loved.

3. Great Parents Cater Parenting Style To A Child’s Unique Personality

All children are different, meaning all children require a little different style of parenting. This is where you really have the upper hand because no one knows your child like you do. In other words, you are specially qualified to form the best parenting plan of action catered to your kid. If your child is stubborn and hotheaded, they will require more discipline. Alternatively, if your child is mild-mannered and listens well, less abrasive parenting techniques may produce better results.

4. Great Parents Know They Can’t Spoil A Child With Too Much Love

In today’s day and age there is no denying that children are often spoiled rotten, but it’s important to understand how children become spoiled. Spoiled kids are produced out of little to no discipline and/or an excess of materialistic goods. The one way you can never spoil your child is by giving them too much love.

Children don’t need the latest LeapFrog tablet to be happy and healthy, but they do need your unconditional love. Even if your child does something bad it’s important not to condemn their character, but instead a particular action. It’s not uncommon for parents to punish children by acting cold towards them when they misbehave, but just as you can’t spoil your child with too much love, you can’t properly punish them by taking that love away.

 5. Great Parents Use Every Opportunity To Teach Kids Something New

Life is full of nonstop learning experience every step of the way, granting you unlimited opportunities to teach your child something new. The best parents use any opportunity they can to teach and engage their child. Things that are creative, hands-on, fun and full of adventure will get kids excited about taking in new knowledge, and it’s not hard to recreate these qualifications. Your own backyard or neighborhood park can serve as a great place to take your child on an adventure. For instance, prompt them to search for leaves or flowers you can look up online later together and learn more about.

 6. Great Parents Let Their Children Be Who They Are

Your child shares many characteristics with you and your partner, but they are also their own unique person. Great parents don’t force their kids to be just like them; instead they give them the freedom to flourish into their own person. Giving your child the chance to show some independence can help let loose their inner personality. Instead of doing every last thing for your child, prompt them to do the things they are capable of. Ask them what sort of sports and hobbies interest them, instead of forcing them into the recreational activities you assume they enjoy. Allowing your child the freedom to pick what sports they play, or help pick out what clothes they wear promotes a healthy sense of self, and will actually bring you closer together.

 7. Great Parents Praise Their Kids, No Matter If They Win Or Lose

Praise helps reassure a child, giving them the confidence they need to try new things and feel good about doing so. You shouldn’t only praise your child when they win a prize or do something considerably amazing. Even if your child losses a game it’s important to find a way to praise their efforts and hard work. This helps make your child feel confident to try everything, even things they may not succeed at. When kids are only praised for superior, winning efforts, they may develop a fear of failure that holds them back.

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