5 BIG Benefits Of Sending Your Kids To Preschool

PreschoolBetween 3-5 years old children have extremely pliable minds as they learn how to fit in with the world around them. Turns out that attending preschool at this fundamental stage of development provides long lasting benefits that surpass kindergarten and even high school. Recently, in President Obama’s State of the Union Address, an important study called the Perry Preschool Project was referenced. This long-running study has proven that sending your child to preschool can change the lives of individual children, and it can also improve our society as a whole. Here we summarize the findings of the Perry Preschool Project and break out the 5 big benefits to sending your child to preschool.

What is The Perry Preschool Project?

There is a major push lately for better and more readily available preschool programs for all children, partially because of the findings reported by the Perry Preschool Project. In short, this study started as a preschool program for low-income children spanning from 1962-1967. Some children involved in the study did not attend preschool and others did, throughout the years researchers tracked these same children as they turned into adults, recording their life status, income, criminal records, and anything else of relative significance. A paper on the Perry Preschool program was published in 2010, identifying the key details discovered throughout this study. Turns out, the children that did attend the preschool program went on to live better, more prosperous lives than the group that did not attend preschool. (Read More)

So what benefits do children receive from attending preschool exactly?

1. Better Life For Your Child
Any parent wants to give their child the best life possible, now and in the future; turns out preschool is a simple way you can provide just that to your child. In fact, the earlier a child is enrolled in a quality program the better, children enrolled at 3 years of age continue to receive more benefits 20 years down the line. Although children don’t have to start at 3 to experience these life improvements, a study from the University of Minnesota reports that 25 years after attending preschool, adults are still living better lives than their peers who skipped out on it completely. (See More)

2. Less Likely To Enter Criminal Justice System
No one wants their child to end up in jail, although when kids only reach up to your knee it’s hard to imagine that as a possibility. Everyone starts off as a cute kid, even the hardest criminals around the world. According to findings from the Perry Preschool Project, you can help reduce your child’s chances of ending up in the criminal justice system by 30%-50% by simply enrolling your child in preschool. (More Information)

3. Preschool Pays For Itself
The monetary cost of preschool today will not only pay for itself down the line, but it will actually generate money, meaning preschool is a truly valuable investment you can make in your child. 3-5 year olds benefit greatly from being enrolled at a child preschool with a high quality curriculum. In fact, kids in the Perry Project that attended preschool grew up to report higher earnings on their tax returns than those who did not go to preschool. These same adults are also more likely to have a savings account and to own their own home.

4. Preschool Improves Behavior
Preschool doesn’t just help kids by providing them with education; it also helps improve their social skills and behavior. Preschool is the perfect place for kids to learn how to earn friends and interact with others; children who attend preschool are also more likely to stop externalizing behavior.  While kids commonly pitch tantrums to get their way, this behavior will not be accepted by teachers or peers, and the faster a child can learn this the quicker they develop socially and mentally in a positive direction.

5. Preschool Provides Your Child With A Head Start
Preschool can help close off achievement gaps, granting kids the leg up they need to be ahead of the game at the start of the race. The moment a child falls behind, it becomes harder and harder for them to catch up. By attending preschool before moving onto kindergarten your child will be better prepared to get along with peers and complete their studies. Language and literacy are just two areas your child will be prepared to take on after being properly introduced to all of the basics throughout preschool. Having previous experience working with peers in a classroom will help make your child more comfortable and confident so that they are less distracted and prepared to succeed come kindergarten.

Give Your Child the Gift of Preschool

At ABC Learning, we witness first hand every day how quality preschool can impact children’s lives. ABC Learning of Coral Springs is proud to participate in Florida’s Voluntary Pre Kindergarten and C-QELL (Community for Quality Early Learning and Literacy), helping all children enjoy a preschool education they can count on for life.

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