Fascinating Facts About Childcare in Florida

Fascinating Facts About Childcare in FloridaHow much does childcare cost? How many children require childcare in the state of Florida? Here are some eye-opening and fascinating facts about childcare in Florida.

 How Much Does Child Care Cost in Florida?

Childcare is a big cost to families in all states, but it’s a valuable investment that continues to pay for itself over the course of a child’s life. The cost of childcare is considerably higher for younger children and infants, that’s because as children get older parents have the option to enroll students in tax-funded public schools that do not charge tuition. Also, infants and small children require more supervision and hands-on care.

According to The National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, the average cost of center-based daycare in the US is $11,666 per year, but ranges between $3,582 and $18,773 a year ($300 to $1,564 per month).

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 How Many Children Live in Florida?

There are 19,893,297 children living in the state of Florida, and 318,857,056 children living in the US total.

There are 1,077,220 children that are 4 or younger living in Florida, compared to 19,757,997 total children under 4 living in the US.

Sadly, in our State alone, 277,837 of children ages 4 and younger are growing up in poverty. That number jumps to 4,658,187 for the entire US.

 How Many Children Require Childcare in Florida?

It is estimated that 414,293 children, living in two-parent families where both parents work, require childcare services. Additionally, another 401,870 children that live in single-parent households with their sole parent in the workforce, require childcare. Furthermore, an additional 816,163 children under the age of 6 are potentially in need of childcare.

 Do Most Moms & Dads Work?

In today’s overpriced day and age, it’s nearly impossible for one partner to work and the other to stay home and look after the kids. The financial demand for both parents to work has caused childcare costs to skyrocket.

There are 129,262 infants under 1-year living in Florida with a working mom. This number jumps to 2,435,563 mothers across the USA.

510,647 Florida women with children under 6 are working mothers, and that number goes up to 9,721,156 for the US.

There are 754,970 married working mothers in Florida, and 15,306,983 in the US.

There are 411,768 single working mothers in Florida, and 6,749,078 in the US.

 How Many Childcare Workers are in Florida?

There are over 1 million children under the age of 4 potentially in need of childcare, and yet there are only 33,860 child care workers that work in centers.

 Types of Childcare in Florida

There are 6,971 center-based child care programs in Florida. Just 26% of these centers are nationally accredited. It’s important to note that faith-based programs do not require accreditation.

There are 3,018 family child care (FCC) homes in Florida. 8% of these programs are nationally accredited.

There are 1,336 school-aged care programs in Florida.

 Is There Enough Childcare for Everyone?

Affording childcare is a big issue, but what about finding a childcare program with adequate space? According to the numbers, there are 891,508 seats in all child care programs identified by the State of Florida. 82% of these seats are in child care center programs. 3% are in licensed FCC homes, and 15% are in school-age care programs. Clearly, there are a variety of options. Therefore, it’s so important to tour different facilities, conduct interviews, and diligently research each program before deciding.

 How to Find the Best Childcare in Florida

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