Family Fun for Spring Break

Family Fun for Spring BreakSpring break often means vacation time for families. Whether your spring break means a much-needed family getaway, a visit to grandma and grandpa’s house or simply some time off, the important things is that your family has the chance to rest and recharge as you gear up for the final stretch of the school year. ABC Learning Center knows the importance of spring break to families and teachers, so here you’ll find some ideas for fun and healthy activities to enjoy as a family.

Take a Trip

Traveling together as a family is a great way to make beautiful memories and spring break is the perfect time with cooler weather and smaller crowds than you often find in the summer months. Whether you’ll be traveling to a family friendly theme park, visiting with grandparents, family, or friends, it is wise to do some research before you arrive. At theme parks, research what rides and activities are most appropriate for your children, as well as whether you can bring your own healthy snacks along (a great way to save money, satisfy fussy eaters, and handle any dietary restrictions). If you are headed to visit family or friends, be sure to check out kid-friendly events in the area you’ll be visiting to ensure lots of fun while there. Wherever you’re headed, take along travel games, books, and healthy snacks to keep the children content during the journey.

Enjoy a Staycation

If this year’s budget doesn’t allow for a spring break trip for you and the family, consider a budget friendly staycation. Often, families don’t have the time to explore their own city or county. Take the time this spring break to explore the sights, sounds, and history of where you live. In other words – explore like a tourist by going to museums, parks, and historic sites. Connect with your community in new ways – try a new restaurant, play mini-golf, take a walking tour or an eco-tour, go to the park and fly a kite or learn a new game.  The possibilities are endless, and your kids will enjoy the time you spend together as you make memories.

Plant a Garden

Children love to play in the dirt, and spring break is the perfect time to encourage your children to dig up some dirt as you plan and plant a garden together. Your kids will enjoy creating a garden (whether its in the yard or in planters on the deck) and derive a sense of accomplishment when they view the finished product. On top of that, they’ll be brimming with pride when summer arrives, and they get to harvest and enjoy the vegetables and fruits they helped to grow.

Plan a Picnic

Whether you are visiting friends or family or simply enjoying a staycation at home, a picnic is an event that most children will adore. Let them participate in the planning from what foods to prepare and pack to the games you’ll take along to play after you eat. Give your children the choice of picnic spots, at the park, by the river, or at the lake or beach. Let the kids help prepare and pack the basket or cooler with fun and healthy picnic choices. Take along a ball and gloves for a game of catch or enjoy a classic game of “Red Light Green Light” or “Duck, Duck, Goose.”   Be sure to take along a camera and capture the magic moments on your special day.

In Case of Rain

A rainy spring break day is the perfect day for spring crafts. You can sign up for a craft class to take as a family like pottery making or art class or you can enjoy a fun craft project at home that allows everyone to join in and get involved. Who knows? You might discover someone’s hidden talent.

No matter what you choose, the point is you’ve spent the time together making memories to last a lifetime.

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