Family Fun for Mother’s Day

Family Fun for Mother’s DayLet’s face it, mom is the master of celebration, the one family member who always ensures that special dates are remembered and celebrated from birthdays to anniversaries to holidays and more! Mother’s Day is once more upon us and is the perfect time to celebrate mom and show her the well-deserved love and appreciation she doles out all year long. Since you know that mom’s favorite way to celebrate any occasion is with the ones she loves, lets explore some great ideas the whole family can enjoy.

Start an Annual Mother’s Day Award Ceremony

Just like the Academy Awards, you’ll want to decorate the room in which the award ceremony will be held with lots of glitz and glam for Mom’s special day. It doesn’t have to be expensive, flowers, balloons, glitter, can make your Mom Awards Ceremony shine. Find a red carpet leading to the Ceremony for mom to walk on, and you may even consider taking paparazzi style photos as mom makes her way to the Awards Ceremony. You’ll need a bit of advance planning for everyone to prepare a special award for mom (homemade certificate, trophies, etc.) to be presented on the big day. Once all the awards have been presented to mom, use plastic champagne flutes and sparkling family friendly beverages to toast mom! If you want, you can throw an Awards After Party complete with all Mom’s favorite foods.

Plan and Plant a Garden for Mom (and With Mom)

If your mom loves flowers, plants, or even veggies, planning and planting a garden with her makes a great Mother’s Day Gift and keeps on giving all year long! Gather the family together to decide what mom would like to see in her new garden and head to the store to get the selected seeds or plants. If the garden is completely new, prepare it for a Mother’s Day Planting Party. Present the plants you’ve selected along with your planting plan in a pretty basket with a bow on Mother’s Day and then head out to the garden spot together and share the fun of planting Mom’s Mother’s Day Gifts!

Take Pictures

While professional photos are popular Mother’s Day Choices, it isn’t always fun to get them done! Instead of the classic, posed family photos for Mother’s Day this year, how about something completely different? Create your own fun photo booth backdrop and some crazy props. Now grab a camera, along with Mom and the entire family to create your own funny, silly, laugh out loud, memories with Mom! At tripod and a camera with a timer will mean everyone can join in the fun! If not, take turns being the photographer and posing your fabulous family for your personal Mother’s Day photo shoot. The pictures and the memories will be priceless!

Head to the Park for Family Fun

Whatever your Mom enjoys, the park can be a great place to gather for Mother’s Day Fun. If Mom loves yoga, grab some yoga mats, and enjoy some family yoga time with Mom. She’ll enjoy sharing her routine with you, though she may laugh when you can’t do the yoga poses as well as she can! Another great activity for the park is a Mother’s Day Picnic followed by game time. Be sure to fill the picnic basket with Mom’s favorite, and let Mom teach everyone a classic game from her childhood like Duck, Duck, Goose, Simon Says, or Red Light Green Light.

Every mom loves a celebration and what better way to make Mom smile and feel loved than spending Mother’s Day with her – making precious memories!

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