Family Fun for Father’s Day

Family Fun for Father’s DayFather’s Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate dad than spending the day together as a family! Dads love bonding with their kids, and these activities present great opportunities to do just that. Whether your Father’s Day will be daddy-daughter, father-son, or the whole family, these options will allow kids and dads of all ages and interests to make some amazing memories together while having loads of fun! Don’t forget to take pictures, because half the fun will be looking back and telling stories about the day you had together!

For the Sporting Dad

If you and your family enjoy golf, challenge dad to a round at the local course, and whether he wins or loses, present him with an award at the end. If you’ve never played, set up golf lessons and learn. You might just find a new hobby to enjoy together for a long time to come. If you’re simply out of practice or your dad’s been wanting to teach you the game, head to the driving range for an afternoon of fun! And if a round of ‘real’ golf is too much, head to your local miniature golf course and have a mini-tournament there – perfect for kids and dads of all ages!

Is your dad a baseball fan? If yes, then plan a day at the ballpark for dad. Even if you don’t live close enough to take in a major league game, you can enjoy a fun, professional baseball experience with your local minor league team. Either way, keep score, try to snag those foul balls, get some autographs, and enjoy all the ballpark favorites – sodas, ice cream, hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, popcorn, nachos, and peanuts! If heading to game won’t fit your schedule this year, consider a game of catch with dad or stage your own game in the backyard with the hotdogs grilling on the barbecue.

Of course, your dad may be little lower key and really love a day of fishing and relaxation. It’s easy to plan a day of fishing with dad, whether he enjoys fishing from the lake or river shore, on his canoe or trusty fishing boat, or surf fishing. If everyone is game, you might even plan a day of deep sea fishing for your adventuresome family to spend with dad. 

Now, if on the other hand, your dad is an adrenaline junkie, you might consider heading to the beach for a day of surfing or boogie boarding or challenging your dad to a family friendly game of paintball or a speedy race at the local go-cart track. Whatever sport your dad enjoys, he’ll love having you alongside him to spend the day and make new memories!

For the Non-Sporting Dad

Think for a minute about what your dad enjoys. Is he a history buff or a military veteran? Does he enjoy music or are movies his thing? Or is your dad a master craftsman who enjoys working with his hands? If the answer is yes, here are some great ways to spend a memory-making Father’s Day with your dad.

If your dad enjoys history or is a veteran, he’ll enjoy a visit to a historic site or museum near you. Don’t just make it about the museum but pack a picnic lunch complete with dad’s favorite foods and beverages and enjoy a relaxing picnic on the grounds or at a nearby park.

Does you dad love music or movies? If so, the perfect Father’s Day for him might be tickets for the whole family to attend one of his favorite acts and whether that means classic rock or a jazz ensemble, he’ll love introducing his music to you!

For the Dad who is a movie buff, you can plan a family movie night at home with dad’s favorite pizza and movie candy and enjoy! If you’d rather go out, gather everyone together and head to the theatre for the latest flick.

And finally, if your dad is a master craftsman, offer to help him build something together, or better yet, ask him to teach you some of his exceptional skills. Dad will enjoy the time spent with you, teaching you his craft, and who knows you might just learn something!

Whatever you choose – making memories with your dad on Father’s Day will make his day and yours too!

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