9 Things You Should Have In Your Summer Baby-Ready Bag

What do the world’s most prepared moms carry in their summer baby-ready bags? Everything from baby wipes to sunscreen, and don’t forget the entertaining toys too. Here are 9 things you should always keep in your summer baby-ready bag so that nothing has a chance to catch you off guard. You’ve got this, Supermom!

Things To Have In Your Summer Baby-Ready Bag

#1. Sunscreen & Bug Repellant

When the summer sun is hot, the bugs are buzzing. Keep you and your little one protected by busting out your baby-friendly bug repellent, conveniently stashed in your bag. The other thing buzzing, or rather burning, is your skin. Keep some sunscreen in your bag as well, because busy moms never know how long they might be out in the sun.

#2. Sunhat & Sunglasses

Speaking of the sun, don’t forget your baby’s sunhat and sunglasses, aka portable shade. If your child has never worn a hat or sunglasses before, chances are they’ll rip them off and throw them who knows where. Practice wearing sun gear at home so your child has a chance to get used to it. Search for hats and sunglasses that come with Velcro ties to prevent losing them as easily.

What if my kid HATES sunglasses? A lot of kids do, in which case, a hat is better than nothing.

#3. Snacks

You know that cringe-worthy feeling that overtakes you when you’re running errands and the horrible hunger screams begin to echo from your child’s throat? Keep some snacks in your baby bag and you have the perfect weapon to defeat the screams before your child enters complete meltdown mode. Not only do snacks prevent breakdowns, but also, they provide your child with energy to keep them going strong through your errands list. 

#4. Water

Staying hydrated is essential, especially in warm summer months when dehydration is more common. Bring water in a kid-friendly cup wherever you go and make sure your child takes frequent sips, especially if they are running around and playing in the sun.

#5. A Large Plastic Bag for Wet Clothes

Store a separate bag inside of your big bag to store soiled clothes or wet swimsuits.

#6. Extra Clothes

Don’t forget to pack some extra clothes to replace the soiled ones you toss into the ‘wet clothes bag.’ You never know if your child is going to run and jump in a puddle or fall in a mess of mud. No matter what happens, you’ve got your little one covered from head to toe in clean clothes. And don’t forget about you—pack an extra top for yourself as well, after all, you never know when your child will spit-up on you or rub food into your blouse.

#7. Band Aids

No matter how carefully you look after your child, summer time is full of bruises and skinned knees. Remain prepared for boo-boos by keeping Band-Aids in your baby-ready bag. Gentle antibacterial wipes can help prevent infections and clean up wounds before you apply a Band-Aid.

#8. Cardboard Book or Activities to Keep Little Ones Entertained

You never know when you’ll get stuck in a long line at the store or traffic on the highway. That’s why it’s so important to keep portable toys, games, books, pacifiers, etc. in your baby-ready bag. This ensures your child always has something to keep them entertained. Their favorite toy or cardboard book can keep them entertained for a long while, giving you the chance to get more stuff done without issue.

#9. Diaper Changing Essentials

If your child still wears diapers, make sure to pack plenty of diapers and diaper-changing essentials in your baby-ready bag. Don’t forget a separate bag to store dirty diapers, just in case you must change on the road. Buy two of everything to keep in your bag so are not constantly transferring stuff from your at-home changing station to your travel bag.

Pro Tip: Buy the refillable boxes of baby wipes instead of the travel packs. Not only will you save money, but also, the refillable boxes are easier to open and seal closed.

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