4 Toddler-Friendly Ideas For Family New Year’s Resolutions

4 Toddler-Friendly Ideas For Family New Year’s ResolutionsFamily New Year’s resolutions are a fun way to bond while achieving goals. There are so many options out there, from helping animals at your local shelter to nightly family walks around the neighborhood.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is all about setting resolutions with your little ones. They recommend preschool-aged children focus on resolutions like picking up their toys each day, brushing teeth, washing hands and being kind to animals. You can take these toddler-friendly resolutions and make them into a New Year’s resolution your entire family will love partaking in.

How To Find The Perfect Family New Year’s Resolution

Every family is unique and so is the right resolution for your bunch. Reflect on your family, your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Think of some areas that could use improvement. Perhaps your kids leave toys everywhere causing your house to often look like a bomb blew off inside, or is fitness something you could take a greater interest in?

Try to find something that everyone needs a little (or a lot of) work on. You don’t want to single out one family member, after all this is a group resolution. Host a family meeting to brainstorm ideas. Write up everyone’s ideas on a poster board and then take votes to find a winner. Or, you could write down all options on little slips of paper, put them in a hat and have someone pull out the winning resolution.

When we work towards goals as a team we are more accountable for our actions and more likely to follow through. You set the example here, so make sure to pick a resolution you are happy to follow through with.  Here are 4 ideas to help spark inspiration!

1. Volunteer At Your Local Animal Shelter

Kids love animals and most animals love kids. Your local animal shelter can use all of the help they can get, so why not let your family’s New Year’s resolution positively impact some pawesome pets in need? Make it a goal to visit an animal shelter once a week, or once every other week as a family.

You can help take dogs for walks, cuddle with kittens and clean up kennels. This is a fun family activity that encourages bonding, plus it helps teach kids responsibility. If you’re in the market for a new pet, you could make a deal with your child that after X amount of volunteering your family will adopt a pet. 

2. Take Nightly Walks As A Family 

The more steps you take each day, the healthier and more physically fit you’ll be. Make a pact to start walking after dinner every other night, every night, or whenever/how frequently works best for your family. Create a chart to keep track of how often you go for walks and how far you walk. This allows you to make improvements as well as check your progress.

3. Start Brushing & Flossing Your Teeth Together As A Family

Brushing teeth is incredibly important, but it’s a habit often skipped over by toddlers and young children. Make teeth brushing an important resolution in your household and watch your dental health improve while your dental bills decrease. Create a chart for everyone in the house to mark each time they brush and floss their teeth. Offer a reward, like going to the park or bowling, if everyone in the family successfully brushes and flosses every day of the month.

Quick Tips:

-Keep all of the toothbrushes in the largest bathroom of your house so that everyone can brush and floss together.

-Play a tooth-brushing theme song in order to time out how long you should be brushing your teeth for the best results.

4. Create A Family Cleaning Chart For A Tidier Home

If cleanliness is an issue with your toddler, or entire family, set a New Year’s resolution to keep the house cleaner as a team. Assign rotating roles to family members to ensure everyone is doing their part. Use a felt board, white board or some type of chart to distribute and mark off chores as they are completed.

Positive Encouragement To Keep Your Family Going All Year Long

No matter what your family New Year’s resolution is, let there be a light at the end of the tunnel. Offer rewards, and other forms of encouragement to keep kids motivated. It’s not just kids that slack off on New Year’s resolutions before the year is even half way through; most people give up within a month or two. By setting a good example and picking reasonable resolutions you can stick with you teach your kids that hard work pays off, and the longer you work hard the greater the results.

All of us at ABC Learning wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year! Cheers to 2017, let’s make it a great year.

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